The Importance of Hydration Water is the Answer

The Importance of Hydration Water is the Answer

The Importance of Hydration-Water is the Answer
Water is crucial to life and maintaining proper hydration is imperative for mental and physical performance. The human body is mainly composed of water and the body depends on this to survive. Every tissue, cell and organ in the body needs water to function correctly. For instance, the body utilizes water to remove waste, maintain its temperature and lubricate joints. Water is also needed for better health.

Hydration is highly important for the reason that the body is largely composed of water and the right balance between electrolytes and water in the body determines how the systems function, including the muscles and the nerves.

Why is Hydration Very Important?
Keeping good hydration is ultimately critical in maintaining better health. This becomes more crucial as individuals age. As they get older, the body dries out and the ligaments and tendons become less flexible.
Poor hydration can result in itchy and dry skin, constipation, nose bleed, acne, dry cough, urinary tract infection, fatigue, headache and more which might be the outcomes of toxins built up in the body. Poor hydration also weakens the immune system of the body leading to PH, nutritional and chemical imbalances that can eventually lead to premature aging and sickness.

Not being sufficiently hydrated is one of the leading factors that trigger daytime fatigue. A mere 2% drop on body water can result to short-term memory and concentration problems. Proper hydration is also important in weight loss. In about 37% of individuals, thirst mechanism is weak and this is mistaken for cravings or hunger resulting individuals to consume calories that they do not really need when they can actually solve the problem with a zero-calorie glass of pure water. This shuts down the hunger pains of majority of dieters.

Individuals lose water every day just by breathing. It is, therefore, crucial to replace water and then understand how much and when you need to hydrate yourself. You can tell that you are properly hydrated if the color of your urine is light yellow.

Tips to Stay Properly Hydrated
Since proper hydration is proven to be an essential requirement, there are helpful tips that help ensure proper hydration. These are as follows:

• Keep bottled water in your desk and remember to drink water all throughout the day.
• Drink water before working out, within and even after workouts.
• Begin and end your day with one glass of water.
• Eat 2 to 3 servings of vegetables and fruits in every meal. These are loaded with vitamins, minerals and water needed by the body.
• Establish a regular water break.
• Drink a glass of water prior to taking your meal and a glass of water after every trip to your restroom.
• Minimize caffeine consumption and reduce alcohol consumption for these can make you urinate often.

The importance of hydration can never be underestimated. This plays a vital part of your survival, so make sure that your body is properly hydrated at all times.

Dr Montserrat Rodriguez

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