Nutrition Based in Natural Foods such as Superfoods

Superfood Fast Track Detox

Many would agree that eating natural foods is the key towards better alimentation. Studies show that these types of foods contain essential health-promoting nutrients that can guarantee individuals with complete nutritional value. Nutrition based in natural whole foods such as superfoods is actually what individuals need in order to live healthy and illness free.
Examples of Superfoods Individuals Must Consume for Proper Nourishment
The term “superfoods’ has become a famous buzzword in the broad language of health and food. Diets based on natural and nutritious menus that include lots of vegetables and fruits remain to be the most ideal way of ensuring a balanced intake of fuel for better nutrition and optimal health. Superfoods are described as foods carrying proven health benefits as these are considered to be ultimately great for health. These foods can even help with particular medical conditions. Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods that are highly beneficial to health and well-being.
Recent lists of superfoods contain typical food choices with nutritional value that has been recognized exceptional for so long. Examples of these are seeds, nuts, berries and dark green vegetables like collard green, kale, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and Swiss chard. Other superfoods that can guarantee greater nutrition when included in your diet are citrus fruits, legumes like beans, lentils and peanuts, fatty fish like sardines, salmon, mackerel and whole grains in general.
Advantages of Eating Natural Superfoods
Aside from better nutrition, there are many other benefits you can get when you choose to eat natural foods. These benefits are as follows:
Higher Antioxidant Value
Higher antioxidant value is definitely found in fresh vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants are vital nutrients contained in these natural foods which entail enormous health benefits like cancer prevention. Studies revealed that organic foods have higher antioxidants compared to the commercial varieties.
Reduced Exposure to Pesticides, Preservatives and Artificial Flavorings
Many individuals aspire for nutrition based on natural foods such as superfoods for a variety of reasons. One of these is to save themselves from pesticides usually found in commercial produce. Eating natural foods also reduces exposure to artificial preservatives, colorings and flavorings which further reduce chemical sensitivities and allergies.
• Better Taste
The taste of organic vegetables and fruits is usually superior to any commercial produce. This is one of the reasons why many individuals are including natural foods in their diet or menu. The taste of natural foods is truly irresistible.
One of the biggest benefits of natural foods is that these are safe even for children.
Health Benefits of Natural Foods
Research shows that natural foods such as superfoods are critical to promoting optimal health. To get the most nutrition, individuals tend to increase the amount of natural superfoods they consume every day. Natural foods contain essential fiber, vitamins and minerals that help protect individuals from chronic disease. Those who consume generous amounts of natural foods are likely to have reduced risks of life threatening diseases such as stroke and cancer.
Nutrients and naturally-occurring substances come primarily with these foods which are responsible for your ultimate protection and nutrition.

Dr Montserrat Rodriguez

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RECIPE OF THE WEEK Super egg whites omelet


Everybody has heard about supper foods, so we already know that there is some foods or ingredients that delivers more properties and benefits for our bodies. In the following recipe you will get a super egg whites omelet made with “super foods”.
3 organic egg whites
2 tablespoons of red peppers diced
2 tablespoons of tomato diced
3 tablespoons of shiitake mushrooms
3 sticks of parsley
a bunch of spinach
1/4 teaspoon of turmeric
olive oil just to grease the pan
salt and pepper as your wish…
Use a glass bowl to mix the egg whites with the salt the pepper and the turmeric, when the mix is homogeneous add the peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and parsley. Continue mixing and meanwhile put the pan previously greased with the olive oil over the stove medium high. Once start to get hot pour the egg whites mixed and low the heat, then wait until the bottom is a little brownish. Add the spinach and fold the omelet. Cook it until the egg whites are solid.
Serve and enjoy it!

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Diabetes and Obesity… not a good couple

Little boy hidden behind  a giant plate of pancakes, with a knife and fork visible on a table cloth.

It’s no secret that obesity is one of the biggest causes of Type 2 diabetes on the planet. It is believed that being overweight or obese makes up for around 85% of the risk of developing diabetes, and to illustrate this fact, people who show obesity on a BMI scale (30 or higher) are 80 times more like to develop diabetes than others of a healthy weight.

So what does all this mean? And how can we actively work towards a happier, healthier, diabetes-free lifestyle?

How to Avoid Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

Unfortunately for some, diabetes cannot always be avoided. Sometimes the damage of obesity could have already be done, other times it will simply come with age; but if you want to cut your risks by eighty-five percent, there is a lot you can do!

Monitor Your Diet

A healthy diet consisting of all the food groups is essential to your health, even fats and fatty acids. Keep your portions small and varied, with about half of your plate made up of vegetables. Dedicate just under a quarter of your plate to “good” carbs, such as brown rice or sweet potatoes, and another quarter on quality protein sources, such as chicken breast, eggs, or fish.

Eat slowly, paying particular attention to chewing your food, as this will help you to feel fuller faster, and will aid in the digestion process. Eat three small meals per day, and snack on raw vegetables, nuts, or fruits between meals.

TIP: Don’t eat more than two pieces of fruit per day, as your sugar intake will climb too high. When you eat your fruit combine it with some few nuts to balance the glycemic index.

Watch Your Tummy Fat

Excess fat around the waist is a prime cause for diabetes, as abdominal fat releases chemicals that make your body less sensitive to insulin, in a process known as insulin resistance. When it comes to losing fat around your stomach, people tend to believe that abdominal exercises are the key, but that is wrong. In reality, we have absolutely no say in where our bodies will start to eliminate fat first, and all we can do is gradually move our bodies towards a healthier physique.

Working in twenty minutes of exercise in a circuit is the best way to lose fat. You will perform high intensity cardio and work out your entire body, burning hundreds of calories and then hundreds more while your body repairs. Just twenty minutes can literally save your life and improve your mental, emotional, and physical health.

By monitoring your diet and exercising daily, you can almost eliminate the risk of diabetes! And by ensuring that you stay within the healthy weight range on a BMI chart, you are also cutting your risks of multiple types of cancer, heart disease and strokes! Obesity is a terrible thing, causing over 2.8 million deaths per year. But beating obesity is not impossible.

So start today, and put to use all of the tips above. You’ll see the changes in no time! And remember, maintaining a healthy body is perhaps the most beneficial thing we can do in life, protecting us from physical and mental illnesses, chemical imbalances and more.

Dr Montserrat Rodriguez

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