Transforming your body… Controlling your weight… Empowering your life!

Dr Montserrat “Nutrition Experts” is a group or professionals with a unique, exiting innovation concepts in health and nutrition. The founder of this team Dr Montserrat Rodriguez doctor in medicine and nutritionist has studied all the major dietary theories and along with her training in integrative nutrition and functional nutrition she will help you to discover what approach works bets for you at this point in your life.

Weight Loss Program

This comprehensive, 12-session nutrition-coaching program is customized to address specific needs and goals during the process of losing weight.

Diabetes Cut Down

During this 10 sessions program specially designed for patients with pre-diabetes, diabetes, hyperinsulinism, and other abnormalities of the glucose management.

Superfood Fast Track Detox

Whether you want a seasonal cleaning inside out, giving yourself an energizer boost, or jump-start your health any time of year, a detox program can cleanse your organs of accumulated toxins and stimulate the body’s healing process.



Whether you are struggling with overweight, lack of energy, chronic conditions, food addictions, or the overwhelming information about diets, you definitely need guidance and support to achieve a healthier and better life.

Nutrition Programs

Our exclusive nutritional programs will provide you with the tools you need to achieve a happier and healthier life while you learn how to transform your body and your mind.

Seminar & Events

There is always chance to catch new events and activities to help you along the way of your transformation… We are pleased to invite you to stay connected to get announcements about upcoming events.


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