Diabetes Cut Down

Diabetes Cut Down

Diabetes Cut Down

During this 10 sessions program specially designed for patients with pre-diabetes, diabetes, hyperinsulinism, and other abnormalities of the glucose management you will:

• Learn how the healing power of super foods can normalize your glucose levels and make you feel your awesome.

• Individualized recommendations about vitamins, minerals, herbs are best suited to your needs

• Establish goals and individualized action plan to help meet goals

• Get tons of great holistic lifestyle recommendations.
The program include:

• One 60 minutes initial consultation including:

A Complete health history
Comprehensive Metabolic Test
Bio photonic Nutritional Scanner
First Menu

• Nine 45 minutes follow up sessions

• Review of dietary intake, activity and stress levels

• 10 comprehensive Metabolic Analysis.

• 5 Bio photonic Nutritional Scanners

• 10 Personalized low glycemic index Menus

• 1 hour supermarket guide tour (individual value of $120)